St. Francis Xavier

St. Francis Xavier

St.Francis' Institution, Melaka, is named after this famous saint, St. Francis Xavier, who lived and laboured for the good of all races in this part of the world. He is the Patron Saint of the school. The well-being of the school is placed under his patronage.

Don Francisco de Yesus was born into a noble family in April 1506 in Xavier Castle, Navarre, Spain. He was a brilliant young scholar at the University of Paris. He joined St. Ignatius Loyola as one of the founding members of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits).

He was appointed Apostolic Nuncio to the East Indies and left Portugal for India in 1541. St. Francis Xavier spearheaded the spread of Christianity in the East, particularly in Malacca.

On the 25th, September 1545, St. Francis Xavier first set foot on Malaccan soil. He made Malacca his base for his work from 1545 to 1552. St. Francis visited Malacca 5 times during this period. Whilst here, he busied himself by preaching to the people, caring for the sick, starting schools and building churches. He even learned the Malay Language in order to serve the people better.

In July 1552, St. Francis left Malacca on his final journey to China. While waiting for an opportunity to land on the mainland of China he died of a fever on 3rd December 1552 at Sancian Island, aged 46 years 8 months.

After a brief internment at Sancian Island, his incorrupt body was brought back to Malacca on 22nd March 1553 and buried in the sanctuary of the Church of Our Lady of the Mount (Nossa Senhora Do Monte), also known as the Church of Our Lady of the Annunciation, on St. Paul's Hill. On the 11th December 1553, his body was taken to Goa where it is placed in a shrine in the Cathedral of Bon Jesu.

Today, this dynamic Saint is venerated through out the world. Innumerable institution of Charity and Learning are named after him... like our School, St. Francis' Institution.

"...Sons of Saint Francis, Valiant and True..."
~That's what we are ... FRANCISCANS.