Webmaster's Office

The production of SFI's Website is a milestone to be probed in the vast and rich history of this school. Essentially, the creation of this website is to provide information on SFI's background, successful records and acknowledgements to our Brother Director, teachers, donor, sponsors and not forgetting our Ex-Franciscans who have contributed a lot in the achievements and success of SFI.

This website also provides recent info on SFI, current events and the progress and achievements gained in various fields. Thus, the information provided is very useful for the student, donors, parents and other organisations who have ties with SFI.

In addition to that, the school would like to extend its utmost gratitude to Mr. Loo Lian Wee who pioneered the first official SFI school website on the 15th December 1995. Hence automatically making SFI as the 1st school in this state to have its own website.

Happy surfing.